NCDC & ICET Rapid Spoken English Module Day 1: Introduction & Awareness Day

Activity 1: NCDC Prayer Song.

Activity 2: Faculty introduce herself in English & regional language and let others to Introduce in their regional language.

Activity 3: Give welcome to all with song. Faculty leads.

Activity 4: Faculty giving an overall idea about the course by mixing English & regional language.

Activity 5: Clearing the doubts of students.

Giving Home Writing Assignment to students:

A. The main objective of joining this course.

B. Other objectives (minimum 10 points) of joining this course.

(The students should write these in their assignment book and share its photo in the group)

C. Lesson 1 Home Assignments: Preparation for online class Day 2:

a. Importance of English.

b. Why can’t I talk in English?

Tomorrow we will have a discussion in regional language on these topics. Everyone please think about these points. You will get 4 minutes (2 + 2) to say these things in a regional language.
(The same message gives in group too)

End with the National Anthem and bye bye song.

Module Developed by: Baba Alexander