NCDC & ICET Rapid Spoken English Module Day 17: Practice Self Introduction

Activity 1: Anchors start the program in a different way (by using English).

Activity 2: Short Meditation (a student leading).

Activity 3: All the students & faculties ‘Signing In’ with different verbal nonverbal signs. (Use variety ideas for ‘Signing In’).

Activity 4: In charge students give individual welcome to faculties & other students in English (Use variety ideas to welcome others).

Activity 5: In charge students give welcome to all with song.

Activity 6: In charge students give a 1 minute speech in English as the Thought of the Day.

Activity 7: Each student shares the experience in English regarding yesterday’s 6 practices. Anchors coordinate the program:

(a) Practice with their family members.

(b) Audio & Video Practice with your 3 sets of partner students over phone and opinion about the partners.

(c) Overall improvement after the ‘Sentence Puzzle’ Game.

(d) Practice of Chart Lessons 51-55

Activity 8: Faculty shows a pair demo practice of Self Introduction Practice.

Activity 9: Students practice Self Introduction as pairs and thrills after the practice. Others appreciate congrats thrills.

Activity 10: Faculty shows a demo of open challenge practice of Self Introduction in different situations.

Activity 11: Students practice open challenge practice of Self Introduction for different situations.

Activity 12: Faculty clears the doubts of students.

Giving Home Assignment to students:

A. Phone pair voice call practice of between half of the students. (Faculty prepare the list of pairs and put it in the group).
B. Phone pair video call practice of Self Introduction with the remaining half of the students. (Faculty prepare the list of pairs and put it in the group).
C. Practice ‘Sentence Puzzle’ Games with your family members especially children.

Group Message matter:

Today’s Self Introduction can practice with your family members along with your life related activities. See the below video to see how is it possible?
Demo Video Link of Practical Lesson 17 Self Introduction Practice:

D. Faculty provides Vocabulary Chart Lessons 56-60 in the group:

Group Message matter:

Chart Lessons to be practiced alone 56-60.
Take each of these charts and practice with your mouth open and your voice repeated as shown in Practical Tips Lesson 3 & 1.

End with the National Anthem and bye bye song.

Module Developed by: Baba Alexander