Activity Committees (4 / 5 members in each Committee):

Committees are forming for Practical Session with the below purposes: Each Committee members are attending in the class with a dress code and or color theme for the entire week or on selected days. Committee and Committee members are the same for the entire practical session and their roles are allocated for six days and their roles are changing on a rotation basis.

(a) Routine Activities Coordinating Committee (Duty: Coordinate the Routine Activities like Anchor the Live Routine session daily, Give Daily Welcome, Coordinate Physical Exercise, (Duties: Give Daily Welcome, Presents news highlights of the day in a variety way, Presents Daily Skit in a variety ways, etc.).

(b) Music, Choreography, Appreciation & Thrilling Committee (Duties: Fills all the gaps in Lesson activities with dance by coordinating all, variety thrilling and variety appreciation during Routine and Lesson live class sessions after each session or activities as according to the time availability).

(c) Home Assignment & Home Assignment Appreciation Coordination Committee (Duties: Give Home Assignments as per module, congrats & appreciations to others in WhatsApp group etc.).

(d) Daily Lesson Activities Coordinating Committee (2 students from this committee act as the MC’s of Daily Lesson Activities by using the support of other committee members and by involving all the students in all daily lesson activities).


1-5 minutes: 2 MC’s from Routine Activities Coordinating Committee come into action in a variety of ways.

6-15 minutes: Together Practice Physical exercise. Practice one item a day. (1 person from Routine Activities Coordinating Committee coordinating this)

(Aerobics, Hatha Yoga, Karate, Kung fu, Wushu, different dances, Nadana Yoga, Dance with body stretches, Laughing Yoga, Taekwondo, Skipping, Body stretches etc.

16-26 minutes: Each one signing in to the class by using their full body with variety ideas, choreography and sound modulation. (MC’s coordinating this. Allow approx. 30 seconds for each person to sign in.

27-32 minutes: Musicians & Choreographers present the musical welcome to all with specially prepared lyrics, music & choreography with Innovative Choreography ideas.

33-43 minutes: 2 people from Routine Activities Coordinating Committee Presents news highlights of the day with a variety presentation style and sound modulation / Observing the day if it is a special day.

44-52 minutes: Random Evaluation: 2 trainees presenting their evaluation about yesterday’s online training, assignment practices, usage of English in their house, implementation of keeping a pleasant smile on their face etc. Present Evaluation with variety style and sound modulation.(MC’s coordinating this).

53-60 minutes: All the Students from Routine Activities Coordinating Committee present a short Skit with a theme in a variety ways.

61 – 117 minutes: Daily Lesson Activities: 2 people from the Daily Lesson Activities Coordinating Committee coordinate the live class by participating all the students in lesson activities. Other team members support them in lesson activities coordination.

117 – 120 minutes: Evaluation by Faculty: Faculty evaluating the daily performance of all the committees and declaring the best performer group of the day and best performers of the day.

At the end of the Practical Session, the Faculty tabulates all the daily marks and declares the best 3 performing groups and best 3 individual performers in Practical Session.

Module Developed by: Baba Alexander