Pre Home Assignments

Learning Activity 1: Meditation on the Passage (as home assignment): Students should read the passages in this unit minimum 3 times. After reading each paragraph, close your eyes & think about the paragraph content for a few minutes.

Learning Activities for Live Class Session:

Learning Activity 1: Speech: Any two or three trainees can make a speech in 3-5 minutes about Moral Development in Children. One student anchors the program.

Learning Activity 2: Share Experience: All students share their experience and viewpoints regarding Moral Development in Children. One student anchors the program.

Learning Activity 3: Group Discussion: Arrange a Group Discussion like in TV. All students are participating in the discussion.
Round 1: Purpose and objectives of learning and practicing the content in this theory unit
Round 2: How to apply the knowledge and the ideas in this unit in your life, career and in society.

Learning Activity 4: Learning activity as per students’ choice. Conduct a learning activity as per the choice of lesson activities coordinating group.

Self-Home Assignments & with classmates:

Learning Activity 1: Self Speech in front of Mirror: Do a Self-Speech in 5 minutes in front of mirror. Sub: Things to take care of the moral development of children.


Educational process has the obligation to create moral thinking and social justice concepts. Morality means social politeness or socially recognized customs. According to psychologists, children up to 2 years old can’t recognize whether anything is moral or immoral. Then gradually they identify from elders by the acceptances and rejections of their behaviour. Children understand that which behaviour gets encouragement is moral and which one does not get encouragement is immoral. The elders make sure that their behaviour is modelled. Then only the children get a socially acceptable morale.

Lorence Kohlberg

According to Kohlberg, through some arranged stages only moral development is happening in children. The intention for getting reward, to get recognition from others by avoiding their dislike, to maintain the love and respect of intimates are the base of moral development in children up to the age of 10 years.

Module Developed by: Baba Alexander