Pre Home Assignments

Learning Activity 1: Meditation on the Passage (as home assignment): Students should read the passages in this unit minimum 3 times. After reading each paragraph, close the eyes & think about the paragraph content for a few minutes.

Learning Activity 2: Observe any 3 good preschool teachers and identify whether they have the qualities and write your findings in 3 A 4 pages in the Theory Assignment Book.

Learning Activities for Live Class Session:

Learning Activity 1: Short Speech: Write the names of each quality point in a small piece of paper. Fold or roll them and keep together. Let one trainee pick one from the lot as a lot to pick and give a speech about that intelligence about three minutes. After that remove that lotto from the lotto and continue the process with the remaining lotto. Include both positive & negative experience regarding this in their speech. One student anchoring the program.

Learning Activity 2: Arrange a discussion in your class about the qualities of a preschool teacher and write your findings in 2 A 4 pages in the Theory Assignment Book. One student anchoring the program.

Learning Activity 3: Group Discussion: Arrange a Group Discussion like in TV. All students are participating in the discussion.
Round 1: Purpose and objectives of learning and practicing the content in this theory unit
Round 2: How to apply the knowledge and the ideas in this unit in your life, career and in society.

Learning Activity 4: Learning activity as per students’ choice. Conduct a learning activity related with this unit as per majority students’ choice.

Self-Home Assignments & with classmates:

Learning Activity 1: Self Speech in front of Mirror: Do a Self-Speech about the Qualities of a Teacher in front of the mirror by following all the formalities and techniques of public speech.

Learning Activity 2: Pair TV Interview with a Model Awardee School Teacher: One take the role of an Awardee model school teacher and other one take the role of an anchor. Sub: Necessary qualities a teacher should possess. Faculty prepare the list & put it in the group.

Individual & pair learning activities as Post Home Assignments:

Learning Activity 1: Write Biography: Write biographies of well-known 5 best teachers in the world with their methodologies & contributions. Use one A4 page for one person. If photographs are available, paste that too.

Introduction: Teachers are the skilled architects of future generations and the social ideals. The qualities of a teacher include in that word itself. The meaning of each letter in ‘teacher’ is meaningful.

T – Trust worth
E – Earnest
A – Ability
C – Character
H – Honest
E – Enthusiasm
R – Reasoning

The basic aim of pre-school is the physical, mental and emotional development of a child from 2 years to 5 years of age. The knowledge and experiences getting this stage leads them to future life. It is the duty of a preschool teacher to create a good learning environment for all children and mould them to be good social citizens of tomorrow. Thus a preschool teacher should be equipped with different qualities described below:

1. Mental Control: The teacher should have the capacity to control 5 external and 5 internal senses and thereby control over her mind.

2. Interest: People having interest and aptitude in teaching profession should only join this field. Don’t treat it as a way of livelihood as the teacher’s job demands full commitment and dedication.

3. Patience: Patience is the most important quality of a preschool teacher. The teacher should have the patience to look after the things of children and have the willingness to fulfil their needs. The children’s mind has the nature of innocence, anxiety and doubts. The teacher should have the patience to answer all their curiosities.

4. Love and Affection: Teachers should have love and affection with her children. Students need to feel the care. A preschool is an annex of a school. After coming to school, the students have the right to get the same or more love and affection from the teachers. It creates a feel of security among children and helps in developing a comfortable zone for learning.

5. Health: A preschool teacher will not get any rest time in school working hours. The teacher should observe and listen to the activities of children and should be involved in their activities. A healthy teacher can only successfully carry forward this work.

6. Cheerfulness: The teacher should always keep smartness and vivacity. The teacher should keep an attitude of behaving the children with happiness, laugh and enjoyment.

7. Knowledge and Practical intelligence: Teachers should have knowledge about the dealing area and should have practical intelligence.

8. Aesthetic Sense: A preschool teacher should have a creative and aesthetic sense. She should keep a rhythm and melody in her talking and other activities.

9. Punctuality and Good Behaving: Punctuality is the at most need for a teacher. She should report on time and welcome her students with a beautiful smile and wishes.

10. Truthfulness: The teacher should be a person who follows and keeps the words he/she professes. She should do things on time. Students always imitate their teachers.

11. Psychologist: Teacher should know the child psychology and scientific child education methods. Then only she can deal and behave with children timely. A psychology understood teacher can create a background and environment for her children in different stages of their growth and development. The teacher should be able to understand and encourage the different talents in children.

12. Reading habit: A preschool teacher should have a very good reading habit. Then only she can include new and timely ideas and innovations in her teaching.

13. Equality: The teacher should not discriminate a student on the basis of any religion, economic status, beauty, intelligence, social status etc. She should maintain equality among her students.

14. Sacrifice: The preschool teacher needs to wear different facets like mother, sister, friend, servant etc. She should have the sense of patience and sacrifice.

15. Model: Teacher should be a model. Students and society always observe the teachers. The students have the tendency to imitate their teachers as they grasp everything from her. So she should take care in dressing, walking, behaving, timing, cleaning etc.

16. Equanimity: Teachers should have confidence and equanimity. She should keep a peace of mind while dealing with all things. Don’t show her problems in front of students. She should have the capacity of control over emotions.

17. Social Relationship: The teacher should have good social contact. A socially respectful person only gets acceptance among parents.

Module Developed by: Baba Alexander

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