Pre Home Assignments

Learning Activity 1: Meditation on the Passage (as home assignment): Students should read the passages in this unit minimum 3 times. After reading each paragraph, close your eyes & think about the paragraph content for a few minutes.

Learning Activity 2: Write an Essay in 3 A4 pages in your Theory Assignment Book about Child friendly school environments. Draw or paste good pictures related to that topic in your essay.

Learning Activity 3: Make an Extra list of learning activities other than written in this passage in your Theory Assignment Book.

Learning Activities for Live Class Session:

Learning Activity 1: Arrange a discussion in your class about the different learning activities and participants share their both positive and negative experiences regarding this. Write your findings in 3 A 4 pages in the Theory Assignment Book. One student anchors the program.

Learning Activity 2: Group Discussion: Arrange a Group Discussion like in TV. All students are participating in the discussion.
Round 1: Purpose and objectives of learning and practicing the content in this theory unit
Round 2: How to apply the knowledge and the ideas in this unit in your life, career and in society.

Learning Activity 3: Learning activity as per students’ choice. Conduct a learning activity as per the choice of lesson activities coordinating group.

Self-Home Assignments & with classmates:

Learning Activity 1: Self Speech in front of Mirror: Do a Self-Speech about the in front of the mirror by following all the formalities and techniques of public speech. Sub: Importance of including variety learning activities in lesson

Individual & pair learning activities as Post Home Assignments:

Learning Activity 1: List of Children’s Games: Watch all children’s favourite computer/ Mobile games & make a list of useful & positive computer/mobile games for school children in your Theory Assignment Book.

Learning Activity 2: Children’s latest Cartoons: Watch all children’s favourite cartoon shows & make a list of useful & positive cartoon shows on TV & Internet in your Theory Assignment Book.

Learning Activity 3: Design making by using Paint or Corel draw or any other software or App. Sub: ‘An Ideal school in your mind’.

Learning Activity 4: Write an Essay in 2 A4 pages in your Theory Assignment Book about your own vision regarding Class Room Interior. Draw or paste good pictures (min. 3 pictures) relate with that topic in your essay.

Introduction: It is the duty of the preschool teacher to arrange an environment for the students to do different varieties of learning activities. Learning activities by including activities related with 5 external senses and 5 internal senses by connecting their previous sense experiences is the NCDC methodology of Learning. By this method learning becomes enjoyable, and aims full. In this method, there is no difference between play and learning. Learning feels like play or play feels like learning.
Follow the order of simple to comprehensive by considering the age of children. The planning of the teacher is very important.

The 101 different learning activities for practicing with school children:

1. Story Skit.
2. Song and Dance.
3. Puzzles, Crafts and other Creative Activities.
4. Science Experiences.
5. Nature Experience (Nature Walk).
6. Field Trip and Direct Observing.
7. Life Activities like Gardening and Planting.
8. Puppet Making and Puppet Drama.
9. Drama and Dramatic Play.
10. Make Believe Play.
11. Informal Talk between Students.
12. Free Play.
13. Drawing, Painting and other Picture Puzzles.
14. Instant Rhyme Making and Giving Music.
15. Imaginary (internal) Sense Developing Activities- Imaginary way shows, hears, acts, smells and tastes.
16. Meditation & Pranayama.
17. Physical Exercises and Yoga.
18. Magic and Magical Play.
19. Language Games and Puzzles (word/ sentence game etc.).
20. Clay works and Sculpture.
21. Building Blocks and other Matching Puzzles.
22. Origami and other paper crafts.
23. Sound Imitating and Imitating Body Movements.
24. Mask Making and Playing.
25. Mathematical Puzzles and Games.
26. Science Equipment Making & Practicing.
27. Picture/ News Album Making.
28. Practicing Musical Instruments.
29. Sense Development Exercises (given in previous pages).
30. Celebrations and Programs Arranging.
31. Imitating TV Programs and Cartoons.
32. Talking with Plants, Birds and Animals.
33. Coloring Different Pictures.
34. Cooking and Table Manners Practicing.
35. Kite Making and Kite Play.
36. Quiz.
37. Interview with Subject Experts/ Experienced Persons.
38. Constructive Story Making by a group of students.
39. Letter Writing- Personal/ Official.
40. Informal Talking Practices (as pair).
41. Programs and Meetings, arrange to Celebrate Festivals & days.
42. Making Hand Written Magazine.
43. Commentary / Anchoring.
44. Reality Shows like in TV.
45. Debate and Discussions.
46. Group Plays.
47. Social Work like cleaning, planting trees, visiting orphanages & helping etc.
48. Subject Experts Class/ Seminar.
49. Special training classes arranging like Glass Painting, Flowers Making, Puppets Making etc.
50. Speedily Making Rapport with other people.
51. Making Birthday/ Greeting Cards.
52. Street Drama.
53. Color Sequence work and Color Powder Work.
54. Mathematical Plays.
55. Talent Day of Students.
56. Games and Sports items practicing.
57. Musical Instruments Practicing.
58. Survey & Field Work and Questionnaire Making for Survey.
59. Writing Script for Mime, Drama etc.
60. Planning and Organizing a program.
61. Mimicry, Mono Act, Mime.
62. Visualization Meditation Practice.
63. Mathematical Plays.
64. Making Story, Rhyme etc.
65. Making Albums/ Record Books.
66. Building Different Mould/ Block Designs.
67. Making Different Maps/ Plans.
68. Small Project Work.
69. Computer Related Assignments and Works.
70. Self Time table/ Account books making.
71. Good Habits Making Assignments and Competitions.
72. Orderly Arranging Things and Keeping Things in Order (practicing).
73. Sorting and Grouping Works.
74. Behaving/ Habits Practicing.
75. Using Convex Lens and Observing Things.
76. Observe the Sky by using a Telescope.
77. Beads Arrange in Different Arrangement Sequences.
78. Useful Mobile games for children.

79. Different item pictures or name tags keep in a mixed/disorder way. Arrange on the bases of category/order/ or in the correct pair.
80. A theme given to a group. Max. pictures drawing relate with the theme & putting it in the basket.
81. Giving plants/plant seeds to children as gifts on their birthdays/ prizes.
82. Matching seeds & plants show cards.
83. Writing Story in a constructive way.
84. Many pictures give & make a story by connecting these pictures.
85. Storytelling with facial expressions.
86. Hiding Answer Quiz: Answers hiding in a place relate with that question.
87. ‘ Thought of the day card’ giving. Pairs Talk about that topic by sitting together.
88. Buyer & seller of a car: one acts a deaf & dump.
89. Monthly picture calendar making with images of days.
90. Crown making with different color paper leaves & with that crown make a tribal spontaneous dance.
91. Beautiful designed wall hangers made with beautiful thoughts.
92. Bullying: Designed poster making for parents.
93. Deaf & dump news: One telling, other one acting just like deaf news.
94. Constructive story in Dumbsherads way.
95. A & B sits together. A tells a story in a Dumbsherads way. By watching the action, B writes that story in a paper. Then role changing & doing the same.
96. Connecting Musical chairs with constructive drawing/ coloring or other creative activity.
97. A route map is given with step by step activities/assignments. Who comes first after finishing all assignments is the winner.
98. Two members in two teams Game: One sentence is written on a card. One member from the other team needs to enact the sentence (Dumbsherads).
99. Many animals’ pictures are there in the lots. Those who get the lot, tell a small life story with different body language & sound modulation.
100. Geography: Make a geographical outline map of your house or school.
101. People’s Installations made in the class by all students together on special occasions. Eg: No tobacco day, Children’s day etc.

Module Developed by: Baba Alexander

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