Pre Home Assignments

Learning Activity 1: Meditation on the Passage (as home assignment): Students should read the passages in this unit minimum 3 times. After reading each paragraph, close your eyes & think about the paragraph content for a few minutes.

Learning Activities for Live Class Session:

Learning Activity 1: Arrange a Discussion about ‘basic aims of education’ and write your findings in 3 A 4 pages in the Theory Assignment Book. One student anchors the program.

Learning Activity 2: Short Speech: Write each basic aim of education in a small piece of paper. Fold or roll them and keep together. Let one trainee pick one from the lot as a lot to pick and give a speech about that in three minutes. After that remove that lotto from the lotto and continue the process with the remaining lotto. One student anchors the program.

Learning Activity 3: Group Discussion: Arrange a Group Discussion like in TV. All students are participating in the discussion.
Round 1: Purpose and objectives of learning and practicing the content in this theory unit
Round 2: How to apply the knowledge and the ideas in this unit in your life, career and in society.

Learning Activity 4: Learning activity as per students’ choice. Conduct a learning activity as per the choice of lesson activities coordinating group.

Self-Home Assignments & with classmates:

Learning Activity 1: Self Speech in front of Mirror: Do a Self-Speech about the Basic Aims of Education in front of the mirror by following all the formalities and techniques of public speech.

Learning Activity 2: Self Speech in front of Mirror: Do a Self-Speech about the Role / Functions of a teacher in front of the mirror by following all the formalities and techniques of public speech.

Individual & pair learning activities as Post Home Assignments:

Learning Activity 1: Give Awareness about the social aims of education and the roles of a teacher to a teacher nearby you.

Learning Activity 2: Prepare an Essay to send to a magazine about ‘social values of education’ in 2 A 4 pages in the Theory Assignment Book.

Introduction: The base of education is to help and fit people to fulfil their objective of life. Education is beyond imparting knowledge. The basic aims of education are mentioned below:

a. Find out the meaning, vision, core of the life of each individual.

b. To understand the limitless power of mind and divert that power for the prosperity and wellbeing of society and the universe.

c. Connect and remember things of the old births and identify their own succession of births.

d. Live a successful life by being a benefactor to society and nature.

e. Always motivate in high values and ideals and get prosperity in succession of births.

f. To understand the value of nature and natural resources. So use it with the most sacrifice and wisdom and maintain for the coming generations.

For reaching in to the above main objectives, education should help a person in getting the sub objectives mentioned below:

a. Control the mind through external and imaginary (internal) sense organs.

b. Control and develop the external and internal sense organs.

c. The power to evaluate and self-criticize one’s own decisions and activities and have the capacity to correct and go ahead if failures or mistakes happen.

d. Always encourage the positive things in the society and match and co-operate with society and nature.

e. Don’t violate the rights of the fellow creature and deal and communicate with them with mercy and sacrifice.

f. The practical knowledge and thinking power to make correct decisions.

The Role/ Functions of Teacher:

For attaining the aims, the teacher should serve in the below mentioned roles:

a. Facilitator: Always do the role of a facilitator to create and provide a free environment to students for practicing different activities based on their own skill and aptitude.

b. Encourager: Always encourage the Positive things of students and their by creating and increasing their confidence and belief.

c. Role model: The teacher should be always a role model in communication, behaving, values, mental control, emotional control, fitful life with society and nature etc.

d. Rapport Builder: Teacher always creates a rapport with all her/his students and behaves like one among them.

Module Developed by: Baba Alexander