Pre Home Assignments

Learning Activity 1: Meditation on the Passage (as home assignment): Students should read the passages in this unit minimum 3 times. After reading each paragraph, close your eyes & think about the paragraph content for a few minutes.

Learning Activities for Live Class Session:

Learning Activity 1: Guest Class: Arrange a program meeting in English about ‘school is a social awareness centre’ by inviting principal, Vice Principal & HOD’s from nearby quality English Medium Schools. Maintain the flow of the program with prayer, pair welcome speech, introductory speech by the presiding person, inauguration, goodwill speeches, concluding speech of president and vote of thanks. Lesson Committee member students give welcome, vote of thanks and anchor the program.

Learning Activity 2: Skit: Present a skit by lesson activities coordinating group. Theme: ‘Womb is the first school’

Learning Activity 3: Discussion: Arrange a Casual Discussion by forming trainees into 6 members groups. Subject: ‘Reform starts with parents’. One student anchors the program.

Learning Activity 4: Demo School PTA meeting: Arrange a Demo School PTA meeting by giving different roles to all trainees. One student anchors the program.

Learning Activity 5: Book Review Presentation: Each student verbally presents the Review about the Read 2 books related to school organization & management. One student anchors the program.

Learning Activity 6: Group Discussion: Arrange a Group Discussion like in TV. All students are participating in the discussion.
Round 1: Purpose and objectives of learning and practicing the content in this theory unit
Round 2: How to apply the knowledge and the ideas in this unit in your life, career and in society.

Learning Activity 7: Learning activity as per students’ choice. Conduct a learning activity as per the choice of lesson activities coordinating group.

Self-Home Assignments & with classmates:

Learning Activity 1: Self Speech in front of Mirror: Do a Self-Speech about ‘Womb is the First School’ in front of the mirror by following all the formalities and techniques of public speech.

Learning Activity 2: Self-Speech in front of Mirror: Do a Self-Speech in front of the mirror by following all the formalities and techniques of public speech about the importance of bringing parents in the process of school education.


If the teaching activity only concentrates on children, we can’t attain the social goals of education. The students should get experiences from the parents and other family members like the experience he/ she is getting from teachers and school. Otherwise getting an education aim becomes very difficult.

Womb is the First School

From the pregnancy period onwards, the behaving of others influences the child. Researchers proved that from pregnancy onwards a child absorbs and receives experiences from others. So premarital and post marital counselling and training is very important. Before reaching the school, home is the school of children. So they need to get scientific and systematic experiences from family members. In its absence, the children face difficulties when coming to preschool. If there is a clash in the experience from school and home, it creates tension in the mind of children.

Reform starts in Parents

Any reforms and changes in education should start with parents. Students spend more time in the house than in school. Moreover before reaching school children spend their fulltime in their home. So the character, behavior, personality etc. of parents and family members influence children more than teachers. So reforms and changes should start in parents and family members. So give training and awareness to parents and family members the same as students. Lagging in this fact is the failure behind the implementation of changes and reforms in the education field.

Module Developed by: Baba Alexander