11 Indoor Plants That Will Absorb All the Negative Energy And Supercharge Your World

Positive vibes create a better ambience that leads to a better life. A proven fact, many plants have a magical calming effect on influencing our homes and ridding it of all negativity. Plants provide you with the best medication that drives away pests, cleanses the air, and also lifts your mood when you are feeling low.

A lot of plants have been associated in Feng Shui and Vaastu as energy boosters and ones that cut the negativity in your home.

Let’s take a look at 11 indoor plants that absorb negative energy and supercharge your home and world with their effervescence.

1. Cactus

This thorny little buddy is a great plant to absorb negativity and supercharge your home and you. It is said to be like a ‘devils eye’ that can ward off feelings of spite and bitterness. They are known to take away the malice from ill-intentioned people and keep your home safe and sound.

They are super easy to maintain and can thrive in the weariest of conditions. Just keep it away from kids as their thorns can be quite mean and prickly. It is a great plant to fight gloominess and negativity.

2. Orchid


An amazing plant to supercharge your world, Orchids are an absolute stress-buster. They not only relieve you of your weariness, but also spread a sweet fragrance with their scent. These plants attract positive energy, leaving your home completely re-energized.

Those who have trouble breathing and maintaining a calm persona, Orchids boost positivity and help to purify the air around. They work like magic at nights by releasing oxygen, when everyone is resting. These plants are able to improve the spiritual wellness of a home contributing to increased love and romance in homes.

3. Basil

The holy basil is a plant that is most commonly found plant in Indian homes. Many attribute their medicinal powers to provide the much needed healing and improved positivity at home. The basil is not difficult to tend to and needs watering only when the soil is dry. In summers, water them regularly and in winters they can be watered twice or thrice a week as well.

The basil is known to calm tense nerves and has potent antioxidant properties that attract positivity. It is produces ample oxygen and takes in harmful components like carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide. The leaves of these plants are used in most households to prepare tea or sprinkling water around the house.

4. Ivy

This amazing plant has the ability to absorb harmful compounds such as formaldehyde. They rid the air of toxins and provides cleaner air to breathe. If you have an ivy at home, you can be rest assured of breathing cleaner and purer air, directly proportional to increasing positivity at home.

They are highly recommended for people who are suffering from asthma and allergies. It is, however, advisable to keep away from pets and children as they contain elements that are harmful for them. Do not consume the ivy plant at any cost.

5. Snake Plant


An extremely useful plant to have at home, the snake plant grows quickly and can survive under the toughest conditions. Their roots have the ability to stay alive with minimal water as well. They are known to absorb harmful chemicals present in the atmosphere such as xylene, formaldehyde, benzene and toluene.

You can keep them indoors or outdoors, however, to utilize their full benefit, they are best kept indoors. They purify the air without any effort and rid homes of all negative energy.

6. Bamboo


As per Feng Shui, the bamboo plant is associated directly with wellness and positivity. They are easy to grow and require minimal maintenance. It is great at absorbing harmful compounds from the air.

Bamboo has the potent ability to re-grow quite fast without too much effort. Just keep them properly drained and see them spread their positive charge everywhere, at home or in office.

7. Calatheas

These are a delight to have at home to increase the foliage around. Their leaves have an intricate coloured design on them, giving them a breath-taking look. It has excellent absorbent properties, ridding the air of negativity and malice.

Another striking feature of the plant is its ability to close the leaves at night and open them again in the morning. Just like a baby sleeping, these plants have the beauty to purify the air around them.

8. Peace lily


A gorgeous piece of beauty to grace your home and rid your ambience of all negativity. Peace lilies are quite a delight to have in your indoor collection. They cleanse the air around and provide a wholesome and peaceful environment.

Peace Lily has the ability to promote vitality and positivity at home or offices. Easy to tend to, these plants survive well in bad weather conditions as well.


10. Rose

A very beautiful plant that comes in various colours, Rose is not only an ornamental delight, but also an essential cleanser. It rids the air of harmful toxins and brings positivity at home.

It is best to tend to it carefully as there are chances of withering away as well. Do not overwater the plant.

11. Lavender

Last, but not the least, Lavender is a gorgeous addition to your home. It is known to reduce stress levels, eliminate harmful toxins, reduce blood pressure, alleviate headaches and insomnia. Lavender plant has multiple benefits that include air purification and ridding homes of all negativity.

If you have a desire to start planting, nothing better than the top 11 indoor plants to absorb negative energy and supercharge your home.

Get the positive plants and rejuvenate your home with calmness and peace.


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