Animal Facts For Kids

This set of science-themed conversation starters for kids encourages learning interesting facts about animals while inspiring a personal discussion!

watercolour bird flashcards

Watercolor Bird Flashcards

Study the wonderful diversity of the bird world with a set of fifty watercolor bird flashcards and posters! Birds are a wonderfully diverse group. Let’s take flying, for instance. Peregrine falcons dive from the skies at a speed over 300 km/h (186 mph), which…

animal trivia for kids

Animal Trivia for Kids

Animal Trivia for kids is a printable educational game that introduces players to the amazing animal diversity on our planet. Challenge each other to a battle of wits and learn together! Which bird is among the smartest animals on the planet? What do elephants use…

how to make paper insects

How to Make Paper Insects

Learn how to make paper insects and study insect anatomy with this printable insects kit! Insects are fascinating! For a start, they live very close to us, as a natural part of our surroundings. Compare how often one sees a live bear with how many encounters one has…

animal magna-tile idea cards

Animal Magna-Tile Idea Cards

Combine the study of animals with engineering by using these printable magna tile idea cards and inspiring young builders to create 40 animal designs from magnetic tiles! In order to make a connection with a new topic of study, it sometimes helps to tie it in with an…

animal drawing ideas

Animal Drawing Ideas

Following these animal drawing ideas, discover fun animal facts and create fifteen science-themed pictures! Reading about animals is fascinating, but turning facts into art helps children to analyze the information, interpret it and make it a part of personal…

lego animals instructions

LEGO Animals Instructions

Use LEGO animals instructions to build twenty animals from all around the world and their habitats! LEGO must really be one of the most amazing toys ever invented. It allows children to explore any concept in a hands-on way! When my children learned letters, we made…

animal habitat project

Animal Habitat Project

Complete animal habitat projects with LEGO bricks. With our printable pack, you can study eight principle biomes, design them and play with them! From a cute arctic fox prowling the Arctic tundra to a mighty elephant lumbering over the African savanna, this pack…

endangered animals game

Endangered Animals Game

Our Endangered Animals game introduces kids to the topic of endangered species, threats to their survival, and efforts being made to protect them. Many animals that live on Earth right now are considered endangered. There are currently more than 31,000 species on the…

bird egg cards with templates

Bird Egg Cards with Templates

Make pop-up bird egg cards, featuring a real-life egg and the bird who lays it! If you were to imagine a bird egg, what picture would you see in your mind? Chances are, it is a chicken egg, white and ovular. But the world of bird eggs is surprisingly interesting and…

what bird am i: game

What Bird Am I: Game

What Bird Am I? is a printable game of bird deduction, where players are attempting to deduce the identity of their opponent’s bird, by asking questions and using a key of twenty four birds. Birds are a very diverse and fascinating group! They come in all…

bird bingo printable game

Bird Bingo Printable Game

This bird bingo printable game features 48 species of birds from around the world. With beautiful watercolor illustrations and multiple levels of complexity, it will bring joy to bird enthusiasts of all ages! Spot all kinds of birds—from a sparrow to a bald eagle and…

animal pattern block mats

Animal Pattern Block Mats

These 50 animal pattern block designs are perfect for STEM centers in your preschool or kindergarten! Children will learn the names of animals, practice building skills and math – all at once. Many classrooms, homeschool or traditional, have pattern blocks. These…

science graphic novels

Science Graphic Novels

Science graphic novels are a great way for kids and adults to combine educational and enjoyable reading into one! It used to be a common belief that comic books don’t deserve attention from a serious reader. Nothing can be further from truth with these science…

birds: free pattern block designs

Birds: Free Pattern Block Designs

Get the free printable pack of bird pattern block designs for STEM centers in your preschool and kindergarten! Children will learn the names of birds, practice building skills and math – all at once. In most classrooms, whether homeschool or traditional, pattern…

animal houses: engineering game for kids

Animal Houses: Engineering Game for Kids

Using this nature-inspired engineering game for kids, you will learn about ten animals and the houses they build, then complete the engineering challenges and build your own versions of these amazing dwellings! Architecture has played a significant role in human.

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