1. Take chilled yogurt and a pinch of turmeric/haled and collapse them proper. Paste this mixture on your hands each day 20 minutes before bathing. This experiment will helps to get soft smooth hands.
  2. Take half cucumber in a bowl and collapse 2tsp milk/milk powder and some drops of lemon juice with cucumber. Agitate well till it’s dried up. Scrub it off with warm water and to get rejuvenated skin and soft smooth hands.
  3. Cut the tomato into equal halves and rub the tomato on your hand. Suddenly the seeds and juice of tomato come in contact with the skin and this helps you to destroy tanned skin and make your hand shining.
  4. .Take 5-10 fresh and green almonds and grind the almonds and collapse this paste with 5 drops of sandalwood oil.  Paste this mixture on the affected area. This gives you a rejuvenated skin and makes your skin whiten.
  5. Take a mashed papaya and apply it on your hands to destroy tanned skin and to get smooth soft hands.
  6. Collapse turmeric and lemon juice and agitate well and add 1 tsp raw milk. Paste it on your hand and wait to dry and scrub it off to get good results.
  7. Take 2 cups of milk and heat it and soak your hands in the milk for 10 minutes and after that scrub your hands. This experiment gives you shining soft hands and makes your hands whiten.
  8. Take small amount of sugar (2 tsp) and olive/body oil in your hands and rub it like washing your hands and collapse a liquid soap/face wash and agitate it well and then leave it to dry and apply moisturizer on your hands. This helps you to destroy tanned skin and to get rejuvenated skin.
  9. Take lemon juice and put your hand on it for 5 minutes. Do this regularly to get rejuvenated skin and to destroy tanned skin.
  1. Wash your hands with warm water and paste Vaseline on your hands and put on cotton gloves in pinch/socks and keep it one day night. This gives you a rejuvenated skin.


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