Walking out of the salon with a fresh manicure always feels good – your hands look great and the new colors complement your summer style. To keep that look as long as possible, good hand and nail care is essential, and your hands will look fabulous by following just a few simple tips:

Keep nails trimmed. When they get too long, your nails can break or get caught on your clothes. Keeping them shorter in a rounded shape will look better than uneven long nails – plus they are easier to care for when shorter and less likely to break. Trimming every two weeks is a good guideline.

Eat well. Be sure that your diet includes foods that are rich in iron, calcium, and vitamins D and E, all of which are essential for healthy nails. Also, always stay hydrated from the inside by drinking plenty of water.

Keep hands clean. Regular washing, as well as occasional scrubbing to exfoliate, will remove excess dirt and dead skin cells that make your hands look dull.

Moisturize. After washing, moisture is a must for your hands, since dried out nails can cause nail polish to chip. Try nutrient-rich oils like avocado or almond to keep your nails hydrated.

Keep covered. Use gloves when doing dirty work or when handwashing dishes. Ideally, use waterproof gloves with cotton liners to keep your hands protected.

Use sunscreen. All skin is susceptible to sun damage, which can cause premature wrinkling and discoloration. Use sunscreen regularly, and try mixing sunscreen with lotion for better moisturizing.


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