Every child can train their brain for mathematical calculations.

There is a specific part of the brain that performs mental math’s but if it is not developed properly at an early age, it can become a challenging task.
For this reason, it is important to develop the ability to do mental math’s in children while they are still young.
The best age considered for this is between 5 to 10 years.
This will develop their ability to perform basic arithmetic rules at speed without using pencil or paper.

7 reasons why doing mental math’s is important:

• Enhances children’s ability to concentrate.
• It stimulates children’s interest in math’s.
• Improves the self-confidence of the child.
• Helps with the application skills in math’s.
• Helps to reduce mistakes in problem-solving.
• Strongly associated with better memory skills.
• It stimulates both sides of the brain.

There is a need to create number sense in a child:

This means that students will be able to perform each calculation in their head with ease.
Number sense is essential to achieve the goal and allows a person to incorporate estimation, place value and measurement.
This will further result in increasing the ability of children to memories the facts of math’s with ease.
Practicing all the calculation is the first step and developing speed for doing it, again and again, is the second step.

One of the major benefits of mental math’s:

Children will be able to understand the mathematical concepts instead of just reading them.
Math’s is logical and it should be solved with logical steps.
These logical steps can be learnt and practiced and are especially relevant with mental math’s.

In Conclusion:

If children have a better understanding of the mental math’s concepts,  they are more likely to approach math’s with a positive outlook.

It must be noted here that when it comes to mental math’s, the duration of exercises does not matter a lot. Instead, the frequency is what matters so doing them on a daily basis is essential.


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