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Dusting a Table

Dusting a table is one of the key early practical life activities in Montessori teacher’s training curriculum. Prepare a desk to be dusted. Set a stool subsequent to the desk. Invite a toddler to return back through telling them you’ve got got some thing to reveal them. Have the kid convey the best basket and […]

Montessori Color Tablets

The Montessori colour capsules are a conventional Montessori sensorial fabric and are a “fan favorite” in Montessori teachers training lecture rooms across the world. This is probably because of their attractive colorations and their capacity as an object for open-ended exploration. There are three Color Tablet packing containers: Box 1: three pairs of number one […]

Large Hexagonal Box

The Large Hexagonal Box is a huge wood field in the form of a hexagon in the Sensorial region of a Montessori teachers training curriculum. This box carries red obtuse angle isosceles triangles, one yellow equilateral triangle, grey obtuse angle isosceles triangles, and 6 yellow obtuse perspective isosceles triangles. The goal of this activity is […]

Small Hexagonal Box

The Small Hexagonal Box is  one of the important sensorial material in Montessori teachers training Curriculum. The Small Hexagonal Box is a small wood box in the form of a hexagon in the Sensorial place of a Montessori classroom. This field includes six purple obtuse attitude isosceles triangles, one huge yellow equilateral triangle, six gray […]

Knobless Cylinders

The Knobless Cylinders percentage a few apparent similarities with the Knobbed Cylinders. There are 4 units of Knobless Cylinders, with ten cylinders of various sizes in every set. The yellow set lower in peak and diameter, the purple set lower most effective in diameter, the blue set decreases in peak however preserve a steady diameter, […]

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