Pre-Selected Sound Boxes

Geometry Cards is a Montessori language material in Montessori teachers  training curriculum, the purpose is to refine the sense of hearing and to teach vocabulary such as “loud,” “soft,” “loudest,” “louder,” etc. The pre-selected sound containers encompass objects (figurines) or photos of sounds boxes objects, on the aspect of a difficult and speedy of movable letters. […]

Touch Boards

The Montessori Touch Boards are a sensorial material brought in Montessori primary programs. The touch boards  are a Montessori Sensorial material in Montessori teachers training curriculum which are in particular used to refine a kid’s tactile sense, permitting them to determine among rough and smooth.This interest is brought preceding to the Sandpaper Letters or Sandpaper […]

Red Rods

The Red Rods are part of the Montessori teachers training Sensorial Curriculum. It isn’t uncommon vicinity for sensorial materials to isolate one quality, collectively with weight, to assist the child in better know-how their environment. The Red Rods are created from 10 timber rods, differing in a unmarried dimension, length. The smallest rod is 10cm […]

Hundred Board

The Hundred Board is a key Montessori Mathematics material in Montessori teachers training curriculum, which enables youngsters take the plunge from the popularity of numbers, to information how they belong in a sequence. As the call suggests, it focuses specially on numbers 1 – one hundred. The Hundred Board cloth consists of a blue wood […]

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