Hundred Board

The Hundred Board is a key Montessori Mathematics material in Montessori teachers training curriculum, which enables youngsters take the plunge from the popularity of numbers, to information how they belong in a sequence. As the call suggests, it focuses specially on numbers 1 – one hundred. The Hundred Board cloth consists of a blue wood […]

Seguin Boards

  Seguin Boards is a Montessori Mathematical material in Montessori teachers  training curriculum, used in the Montessori method of education to learn the “ten” numbers from 10 to 99.Seguin Boards are used in the Montessori approach of training to research the “ten” numbers from 10 to 99. After getting to know the teen idea with the […]

Stamp Game

Stamp Game  is a Montessori Mathematical material in Montessori teachers  training curriculum, utilized by an individual toddler to exercise the operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. .The Montessori Math Stamp Game lesson comes at the end of the place value and decimal system work. The goal is to reinforce the four operations introduced with […]

Multiplication Board

Multiplication Board is a Montessori language material in Montessori teachers  training curriculum, the purpose is  child to visualize the process of multiplication. The Multiplication Bead Board is an ideal instance of ways kids paintings with concrete substances to visualize the technique of multiplication. The fabric includes a perforated timber board, timber range playing cards with […]

Addition Strip Board

Using the Addition Strip Board, the kid practices the series of addition combos 1–nine, and starts the manner of memorization of the addition tables. The fabric consists of a hardboard chart 12 squares through 18 squares with the numbers 1–18 revealed throughout the top. Stored in a hardwood container are the strips used for the […]

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