Hygiene Habits Hygiene isn’t just about maintaining a good appearance. It is a proactive way to prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses. Good personal hygiene habits keep our children healthy, ward off illness, maintain a healthy body image and build healthy personality. Kids are more likely to fall sick compared to adults. This […]

Animal Facts For Kids

This set of science-themed conversation starters for kids encourages learning interesting facts about animals while inspiring a personal discussion! Watercolor Bird Flashcards Study the wonderful diversity of the bird world with a set of fifty watercolor bird flashcards and posters! Birds are a wonderfully diverse group. Let’s take flying, for instance. Peregrine falcons dive from […]

Amazing facts about Geography for kids

Geography is such a captivating and richly diverse subject. It encompasses the study of people, places, the environment, and so on. Learning some interesting geography facts can instill interest in the subject in your child. Reading books about various lands, watching documentaries, working on geography projects—all these can expand your child’s knowledge. Therefore, encourage your […]


If you’re thinking to enroll your kids for Abacus classes, then you must be aware of the benefits it reaps. Besides the dramatic improvement in  the ability to calculate, both on the abacus and mentally, it is beneficial in other areas too. Let’s write down few of it’s benefits.     1. PROFICIENCY IN MATHEMATICS  Mathematics is […]

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