Tips on how to begin a Montessori School after finishing Montessori Instructor Training Course?

Parents have acknowledged importance of quality education and that is why they are now focusing on choosing the best school for their children. Many parents are now looking for the best Montessori schools for the early childhood education of their children. Like play schools, Montessori schools too, focus on independent & practical learning of children wherein they learn concepts by doing activities that are fun and interesting for them. This is the reason why more and more parents are showing interest to enrol their children in Montessori schools, as such institutions enhance their children’s cognitive, language and social development. If you want to start a Montessori school of your own, here’s how to start a Montessori school:

Location & Infrastructure: The selected area should be well maintained, safe for children and adequate to set up the infrastructure. A Montessori school can also be started from a residential area which fulfils safety requirements. After buying a land, you can start planning the design of your school. Further, make proper safety arrangements in your school such as fire alarms, proper stair case, fire extinguishers etc.

Financial considerations/Budget in relation to Investments for infrastructure, supplies, equipment, advertising, etc. of the Montessori school and whether a loan needs to be arranged. For instance, the Government has come up with schemes providing a loan to women entrepreneurs for establishing a preschool or child day-care centre by Bharatiya Mahila Bank and Punjab National Bank called the BMB Parvarish loan scheme which requires loan repayment in 5 years and a 12% rate of interest. Even vanitha loan in Kerala.

Recruiting of Teaching and administration staff: As per National council for Teacher Education (NCTE) guidelines, a preschool teacher must have a Secondary School certificate or its equivalent and preferably a Diploma/Certificate in Pre-school teacher education programme of not less than one year, or B.Ed. but for Montessori school those who completed Montessori Teacher training from recognised organisation can be recruited as Montessori teacher.


Deciding Curriculum be taught and followed in the school, for instance, the Montessori Method of education that focuses both on social interaction and academics. Montessori schools are focuses on activity based learning, so the next step is to buy proper equipments for the school. Therefore, purchase a variety of learning aids essential to impart various life skills in children to give them real life experience.


In today’s era of increasing competition and demand for quality, starting a Playschool in India is not only a lucrative business opportunity but also a Social and ethical responsibility which along with economic gains provides a sense of moral satisfaction and fulfilment. Thus by carefully formulating a business plan; choosing the suitable form of entity and considering applicable legal requirements, A playschool can be successfully started in India.

We believe in providing an all-round learning environment which will help the child to develop physically, cognitively, socially and emotionally. Owning a Montessori school franchise in India with us can therefore turn out to be a wise business decision.

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