After my NCDC Montessori course I want to apply things which I got from these courses into my
career and in my life. I am sure if I became a teacher in my career then I can apply all these things to children
for their social cognitive moral intelligence physical and psychological development. The Montessori approach
emphasizes a child centric hands-on learning experience, fostering independence and a love for knowledge.

Creating Classroom Environment
To create a Montessori classroom Environment, we ensure that promotes self-directed learning and
students can explore materials in their own ways. Platform should be free and fearless by embracing the
principles of freedom within limits, teachers guide students to make choices.

Student approach
As a teacher we are the second mother of students obviously school is their second house. That is
why proper love and affection is needed for the children. Nature presses more curiosity by nature and free
shyness jealousy are the negative emotions in the children. when we treat the children first through
observation and understanding children’s potential and aptitude. Then we can provide appropriate apparatus
to do the activities according to their potential. And we also maintain an effective communication with parents.
This collaborative approach strengthens the connection between school and home, creating a supportive
network for the child’s growth.

At home
As a mother we can apply all these Montessori principles in our own life. When we treat the children
observation, avoiding punishment, giving reward, for good behavior giving activities and letting them play
according to their potential and skill. Provide positive Environment and use always positive words only. Giving
Exercise of practical life to the children according to their age. And we can start caring since they are in the
womb, for their proper physical and psychological development as a carrier we should treat and care
ourselves also by engaging exercises meditation activities. And also, the the proper sleep and maintaining
balanced diet with sufficient nutrients and getting health of pregnant lady is essential for the baby.
In conclusion, Montessori teacher training transcends the boundaries of the classroom influencing
teaching philosophies parent teacher dynamics, and educational leadership. The principles learned during
training empower educators to create enriched learning environments nurture independent learners, and
advocate for progressive educational methodologies.

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