Teaching is a noble profession all around the globe. If the teacher has a desire to teach children at their initial stages will be considered as a passionate Montessori teacher. Along with this desire basic qualification also required to give the standard training among children. Montessori teaching is not about just giving learning ideas of given curriculum its about focusing on the elaborate methods of hands-on learning.

Who can be the best student in MONTESSORI TEACHER TRAINING COURSE?

ASPIRANT LEARNER – Because she must undergo a Montessori teacher training certificate course because it is highly effective and child centric method of education.

EDUCATIONAL REFORMER – Because Montessori education system allows children to do what they feel like. This helps in exploring their ideas and talent, untangling their mental restrictions.

BRAIN ARCHITECTURE– Because Montessori teacher should be best in finding “CRITICAL TIME” and feed information using hands-on materials. Those materials should be specific and available for repetitive tasks. Repetition helps to train our brain cells and enhance the child’s future ability to deal with tasks provided.

SOCIAL PERSPECTER – Because teachers contribute to societal progress by preparing students as an responsible citizens. Beyond academics, they influence character development and ethical understanding. Children learn to respect each other and build a community as they work in groups during the activities.

PSYCHOLOGIST– Because Montessori training course is scientifically based education approach that emphasise independence, freedom within limits, emphasising respect for child natural physiological sensorial development, physical and social development

GOOD COMMUNICATOR – Because quality of education depends on teacher. She is the one who shares the knowledge and experience which create an environment for students to unlock their true potentials, improves self -confidence, self- dependency, and building community for child growth.


So the student who is best in Montessori teacher training course will have above qualities to passionate the teaching job as their wonderful career opportunity. They love to work with the age group from two and half to six years of children. She will love children and love to introduce things. Her Montessori approach will be only in direction. During the course student will learn how to understand the child as a adult. She surely apply these principles in her own classroom and with her own child to grow up in a Montessori philosophy. As a Montessori teacher she will

help in shaping their mind and she will watch them in how they learn and grow eventually it will be very good contribution to an community. She will give a chance for a children to choose their material so that they will feel they can work with freedom and independent and child can understand the freedom of choice and sure the child will become independent in future.

The best student will think Montessori teacher job is an out of job which engages her in meaningful level and also give a career which she passionate about and at last she love the most.

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