Yoga for Kids


If kids practice yoga regularly and understand the importance of yoga, they can live a healthy life. Yoga practice will not only improve the health of kid but also improve concentration power. Regular yoga practice can help kids to improve their academic performance. Read on to know more about the benefits of yoga for kids.

Yoga is the right kind of exercise for children as it is gentle, non-competitive and works not only the entire body but also the mind and spirit. Children of all ages and physical abilities can participate.


  • It is absolutely safe for your child.
  • It teaches children about their body in a fun manner. Yoga songs and asanas (stretching exercises) are approachable and fun for kids.
  • It helps negate the effects of the competitive life (and it’s negative long-term effects) the child is forced to live.
  • It helps children to relax, concentrate and focus.
  • It builds stamina, stability and balance.
  • It helps improve digestion, elimination of toxins and circulation.
  • It strengthens the musculature of the body, elongates the spine and promotes good posture.
  • Children who practice yoga have a good posture.
  • Specific postures help relieve gas and constipation.
  • It improves breathing habits through pranayama.
  • It develops speech skills through the use of singing and chanting.
  • It improves sleeping patterns.
  • It improves memory and develops effective concentration skills.

Yoga means connecting to God. A child’s mind is pure and body flexible. They’ll absorb everything that is given to them. The earlier your child begins the better he will feel. Let yoga be his guide into the world of good and harmonious living. Give him this gift to keep him healthy and happy – more positive, self confident and emotionally independent. But make sure you look out for a qualified teacher first. A teacher who has the ability to teach the children according to their attention span and abilities and who can teach in a creative, playful manner to help them develop all their potentialities.


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