Troubled Teen Vs Struggling Teen

The phrases Troubled Teen and Struggling Teen are continuously used interchangeably. I feel that’s an error as a result of the connotations for every are totally different.

The time period Troubled Teen is normally heard within the psychological well being discipline, most frequently referring to youngsters with severe problems and with severe issues that don’t reply to regular household or society interventions. A bi-polar youngster or one who’s severely depressed can be examples. These youngsters appeared compelled by what in a earlier age would have been referred to as “demons.” One thing inner is driving the kid to the extent that the kid is unable to regulate it, and the kid is unable to reply positively to exterior interventions like punishment, encouragement or self-discipline. The connotation is that the kid wants therapy with a purpose to reduce, management or remove these compulsions.

The time period Struggling Teen has broader connotations. As we use it within the non-public father or mother selection business, it could possibly embody a Troubled Teen with severe problems however primarily contains teenagers who, for some cause or different, are floundering or failing in mainstream society and colleges. These may embody youngsters floundering due to an undetected Studying Incapacity or Studying Distinction. It may additionally embody youngsters which have an “entitled” mentality, or ones who internalized some criticism previously and have misplaced all semblance of self esteem.

The Struggling Teen youngster may additionally seem like “pushed,” however the trigger is nearer to being a gross misunderstanding of how the world works. The trigger may not be traced to a severe prognosis; however these Struggling Teen self-destructive behaviors, apparently throwing away their future, have been of great concern. Severe sufficient that residential placement was price contemplating since they appear to be their very own worse enemy.

I first realized of this distinction after I was the Admissions Director for an Emotional Development Boarding College within the Eighties. Most of the teenagers I used to be enrolling had been tearing their households aside and have been partaking in severe self-destructive actions, thus the explanations the mother and father selected residential placement. For a lot of of those youngsters, psychological evaluations had indicated they have been kind of psychologically intact.

Essentially the most frequent manifestation was that they have been emotionally immature for his or her age. The time period usually used on the time was “sixteen-years-old and happening 4.” That they appeared mature by demanding all of the rights of an grownup was deceptive as a result of they have been reacting emotionally like a younger youngster. For a kid like this, therapy to a prognosis was usually ineffective, however emotional development construction and experiences usually have been efficient. In essence, what these youngsters wanted was to learn to develop up.

It is crucial for a college, program, skilled or father or mother to know the distinction between a Troubled Teen and the broader implication of a Struggling Teen. Relying totally on therapeutic therapy of a kid whose main bother is a Studying or Immaturity downside is ineffective and generally could be dangerous.

By the identical token, emotional development experiences for a Troubled Teen is ineffective and could be dangerous, besides when carried out together with skilled therapy and remedy.

A superb faculty or program will know the connotations of Troubled Teen and Struggling Teen and can act accordingly.


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