Washing Cloths

Make sure the table to wash cloths is ready for use. Invite a child to come by telling them you have something to show them. Tell the child that we will need aprons for this activity. You and the child put on an apron. Stand in front of the appropriate table with the child to your left. Tell the child that you are going to show him how to wash cloths.


  1. Make sure the child knows the names of all the objects used for this activity by either naming them or having the child name them.
  2. Pick up the jug and fill it half full with water.
  3. Replace the jug in its spot on the table.
  4. Open the liquid soap (as you would for the bottles of polish).
  5. Pick up the bottle with your right hand and drop 34 drops of soap into the center of the basin.
  6. Replace the liquid soap onto the table in its spot and close
  7. Pick up the jug and pour half of the water into the basin, then put down the jug.
  8. Place your right hand into the water and move it in quick little movements from right to left to create some bubbles.


  1. Pick out one cloth from the laundry bin and place it flat into the basin.
  2. Using both hands, make sure the cloth is fully wet.
  3. Place your right thumb on the right edge of the cloth.
  4. Wrap your four right fingers around the edge of the cloth.
  5. Place your left thumb opposite your right thumb on the left edge of the cloth.
  6. Wrap your four left fingers around the edge of the cloth.
  7. Slowly lift the cloth out of the water.
  8. Bring your two hands in close together so your right thumb is directly next to our left thumb.
  9. Scrub the cloth between your hands.
  10. Pull your hands slightly away from each other to see if the stain on the cloth is disintegrating.
  11. If there is still a stain, continue the scrubbing. (For stronger stains, place the cloth flat in the palm of your right hand, pick up the soap with your left and rub some soap onto the cloth. Replace the soap into the dish and scrub as before.)
  12. Place the cloth back into the basin and first remove your left hand and then your right.
  13. Using the tips of your fingers, move the cloth gently in the water to remove some of the soap from the cloth.
  14. Pinch the top corners with both hands and slowly lift the cloth out of the water.
  15. Let the water drip from the cloth.
  16. Let go of the left corner and hold on tightly to the right corner.
  17. Wrap your entire left hand around the cloth just under your right fingers and squeeze gently.
  18. Slide your left hand down the cloth in a slow continuous movement, until you reach the bottom.
  19. Remove your left hand.
  20. Pinch the middle part of the cloth with your left thumb and index finger.
  21. Rotate your right hand down until the corner is hanging downwards.
  22. Let go with your right hand.
  23. Wrap your entire right hand around the cloth at the very end of the cloth.
  24. Remove your left hand.
  25. Bring your right hand to the horizontal position.
  26. Wrap your entire left hand around the remainder of the cloth.
  27. Twist your hands in opposite directions to squeeze out excess water.
  28. Release the grip of your left hand and reposition your hand back normally and retwist as before.
  29. Place the cloth into the lined basket.
  30. Bend down and place the bucket out from under the table.
  31. Stand up and pick up the basin with both hands.
  32. Pour out the water from the basin into the bucket.
  33.  Replace the basin onto the table and then the bucket under the table.
  34. Pour the rest of the water from the jug into the basin.
  35. Pick up the cloth and unfold it.
  36. Place it flat into the basin.
  37. Using the tips of your fingers, gently move the cloth in the water to rinse out any remaining soap.
  38. Squeeze out the water as above.
  39. Pinching the top two corners of the cloth, place the cloth onto the drying rack.
  40. Come back to the table and pick up a peg.
  41. Show the child how to unpinch the peg using two fingers.
  42. Use the peg in the center of the cloth that is hanging on the rack.
  43. Use the hand towel to dry your hands.


  1. Place the bucket out from under the table and empty out the basin as before.
  2. Replace the basin on the table.
  3. Pick up the bucket with your right hand and using the handle.
  4. Empty out the bucket into the sink.
  5. Replace the bucket under the table.
  6. Take the drying cloth and dry the jug, the basin, the table and then the bucket.
  7. Hang the drying cloth up to dry. If needed, show the child where to find dry drying cloths and replace the drying cloth with a dry one.
  8. If the floor is wet, show the child where to find the floor cloth and dry the floor.
  9. Then replace the floor cloth where it belongs.

Invite the child to wash another cloth.


Direct: To help the child become more independent in the caring for his environment.

Indirect: Building up voluntary movements.

Points of Interests
Seeing the dirt come off of the cloth after scrubbing it together.

3 years plus

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