This phonetic object box is used to store phonetic objects and prepared labels. This box is ready in one of these manner that kids can store associated objects in the box on their own. Letters are etched at the lid of each compartment. There is a separate compartment for objects associated with every sound/letter. Each compartment has a lid with a knob on it.

Have the kid take out all the objects from the box and as he does so, have him call all f the items so that you are certain that the kid is aware of what each is. Tell the kid which you are considering one of the objects however you aren’t going to mention a phrase. Write one of the objects a slip of paper. With the kid, examine the letters and make the sounds of the word. Repeat the sounds a little rapid and a touch quicker till you’re each announcing the phrase and not the individual sounds. Have the kid repeat the word and then region the label with that item. Continue in the identical manner till you’ve got got positioned all the labels with the right object. Ask the kid to choose up the labels, blend them, study one at a time and place them below the objects again. If the kid would not struggle, then present the pre-written labels. – Tell the kid that those are prepared labels for the objects. The toddler can read the prepared labels and place them subsequent to their object. The toddler can work alone.