color box 1

Color Box 1 is a small, unobtrusive timber field withinside the Sensorial Area, containing six colour tablets: blue, red, yellow. The guide will invite the kid to take the field to a desk or to a rug, and they’ll take a look at the contents together. As this cloth turned into in the beginning made with silk threads, which had been without difficulty soiled, the manual will display the cautious manner of preserving every colour tablet, with thumb and forefinger at the timber edges of every tablet.

The guide will dispose of all six colour tablets from the container and blend the pairs. Then, the Guide will pick one colour and evaluate towards the opposite tablets earlier than locating the match. The pair might be set collectively in the front of the kid. The guide will pair the opposite colors. After pairing all of the tablets, the guide will once more blend the pairs and invite the kid to pair the colour tablets. When the kid is a hit pairing the tablets in Color Box 1, the manual will gift Color Box 2. The child may also have the possibility to play games with the colour tablets.