Sensitizing Fingertips

Sensitizing Fingertips is a  Montessori sensorial activity in Montessori teachers  training curriculum. The Guide will ask the boy if he wants to sensitize his fingers. If the kid says no, then she can be able to retain with the presentation; if the kid says yes, then she can be able to ask him to fetch the sensitizing tray and convey it to the ground mat.



  • Bring the kid over to the shelf and display him the appropriate tray.
  • Have the kid deliver the tray over to the desk and feature him location it with inside the center of the desk. 
  • Name all the substances at the tray. 
  • Then, pass fetch heat water with inside the jug and convey it over to the desk. 
  • Both you and the kid take a seat down on the desk.
  • Place the towel to the proper of the bowl. 
  • Pour the nice and cozy water into the bowl.
  • Put your proper fingertips (writing hand) lightly into the water. 
  • Let them soak for a bit while.
  •  Place your fingertips onto the towel.
  • Stimulate them by drying them with a towel. 
  • Empty the bowl and update the tray lower back onto the shelf.
  • Invite the kid to stimulate his fingertips earlier than every tactile exercise


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