Sensorial Decanomial


A massive mat

A massive rectangular board

A container with:

– 10 squares growing in length from 1cm x 1cm to 10cm to 10cm, in plastic (or cardboard).

– Each rectangular has corresponding rectangles, besides for the rectangular 1cm x 1cm.

– Each rectangular and its corresponding rectangles are of a exclusive color.




Sensorial Decanomial is a Montessori Mathematical material in Montessori teachers  training curriculum. .Invite a baby and feature him unroll a huge mat. Bring him to the shelf and display him the field we are able to be using. Tell the kid that nowadays we are able to be running with the Sensorial Decanomial. Have him deliver the field to the mat and feature him area the field with inside the higher left hand nook. Have the kid take a seat down close to the left aspect of the mat and also you take a seat down to the kid’s proper.



  • Remove all the squares from the field.
  • Grade them targeted on pinnacle of every different from biggest to smallest at the left aspect of the mat.
  •  Show  the kid in which to discover the huge board and area it at the proper 1/2 of of the mat.
  • Place the purple rectangular with inside the higher left nook of the board.
  •  Place the inexperienced rectangular at the diagonal of the purple.
  •  Return to the field and take out the 2 inexperienced rectangles.
  • Place them across the inexperienced rectangular to finish the whole rectangular.
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