Israel’s national bird, the Hoopoe; A sign of drought?

The Hoopoe, the national bird of Israel, feasted on the Enoma field. It was discovered by wildlife photographer Rijo P. Chittatukara in the trees near the Madukkara canal bund. Birds from the tropics, which prefer dry climates, are rarely seen in the fields.
It prefers areas with hot dry thorn bushes and cactus. Environmentalists say its arrival in the wetlands is a sign of impending climate change and drought. It was considered a sacred bird in ancient Egypt. In some countries they are also said to be birds of death.
It has black and white zebra-like wings, curved long beaks, and a feathery head that can be folded and straightened. Rare black and white ridges.They walk in the soil and eat small insects and berries, nesting in tree trunks. They get rid of their enemies by removing body odour.

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