The National Child Development (NCDC) requested Govt of India to ensure proper drainage and sewage system in the country, saying that the proper conservation of road drainage structures is being ignored in numerous places of our country.

Acceptable sanitation is abecedarian and a prerequisite for safe life and productivity. In discrepancy, conking sanitation has been reported to beget outbreaks each over the world. In areas with no sanitation, diarrheal mortality is high and has been shown to drop by 36 after interventions to ameliorate sanitation. Frequently, infections are faeces associated and when present in wastewater and sewage sludge poses a high threat of infection upon exposure,” it further reads.

Moreover, the members of council believe that ensuring good drainage will help numerous troubles, guarding the health and life of your lands, while poor sanitation is known to increase the threat of morbidity and mortality.

“One of the most important factors of sanitation is excreta and waste water disposal. indecorous disposal of biodegradable waste can spread conditions and contaminate the terrain. Hospitals should plan for drainage and sewage system for safe disposal of sewage and avoid any stagnancy of water,” they said.

The representatives of NCDC who passed the resolution were Bindu S, Sudha Menon, Arathi I S, Dr. Sruthi, Baba Alexander, Risvan, & Thomas K L. It was resolved that the Government should make proper drainage and sewage system in the country.

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