Montessori is an education system based on the principles of Maria Montessori. It focused on the abilities and interests of the children sensorial activity based education and prepared environment are the specialities of this education system. Montessori education is available for all age groups, infancy through childhood.

Montessori teachers training is the best suited course for aspirant teachers. Montessori classroom are entirely different from the traditional nursery classroom. In Montessori not teachers they are directress, they observing guiding children.  The directress must need kindness, pleasant personality, patience, loving and be gentle with everyone. Through this teacher training course trainees can get different knowledges about this education.

Montessori education providing a guided learning through prepared environment. So directress needs different skills for guiding children in Montessori. most of learning is activity based and more than that Montessori learning for a children is life long learning. The training programme covers different topics about the behaviour of chid development, curriculum, management of classroom etc. through this training course trainees will get knowledge about tools and application. In different matters trainees get ideas. Some of them are:


  1. Child psychology
  2. Usage of different learning materials
  3. Different teaching styles
  4. Different observation skill
  5. Ethics and policies in life and career
  6. Character formation
  7. Approach to children


Child have an absorbent mind. So children absorbing everything from their environment. Not only absorbing but also they try to imitate. So directress must be a good model for children. Students character formation and development the directress must provide motivation and assist them. Through a good atmosphere the children can develop problem solving skills, social skills and they become good citizen of the world.

After this Montessori teachers training course the teachers can build their career in different areas. Because that much of ideas and information they will get through this course. Sum of the areas they can perform are :

  1. Montessori class teacher
  2. Special needs teacher
  3. Assistant class teacher
  4. Counsellor
  5. Child care director
  6. Shadow teacher

To become a teacher teachers training course is very important. It is an interesting career at the same time challenging one. A teacher must study how to purify her heart and have intimate relationship with children. The teacher must understand and feel her position of observer and they must develop the desire and ability to observe them. Through this course they can attain all of these.

Essay written by Mam Shafna Ps

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