7 Reasons Why Laughter Is The BEST Form Of Therapy


Have you ever been in a gloomy mood, and then you come across something funny that instantly brings a smile upon your face? A meme on Instagram, a lame joke on the family group that makes you laugh or maybe even your friend sending you a silly video, all of which brings a smile on your face. A little spell of laughter has the power of turning your whole mood around. It literally turns your frown upside down!

Here are 7 reasons why laughter happens to be the absolute best medicine: 

1. Laughter releases endorphins

Endorphins happen to be a feel-good hormone that automatically makes an individual feel better. Studies have shown that laughing with a group of people releases a lot of endorphins. They are released through the opioid receptors in a person’s brain. The more the receptors present in an individual’s brain, the more the reaction. Therefore, it is proven that laughter induces euphoria.




2. Helps form social bonds

Isn’t it easy to laugh in groups or with others around you? That’s because laughter releases endorphins, and these endorphins give out a sense of togetherness among people. You also feel safe with those you laugh with. It is like a set of dominoes when one person starts the other follows and so on.



3. Strengthen relationships
Studies show that women laugh at 126% more than their male counterparts. Although, it’s seen that many of these men are the ones who instigate the laughter. To add to that, women believe that men who make them laugh are more attractive than those who don’t. Also, it’s seen that men like women who don’t shy away from a good laugh. Couples who laugh together tend to have a stronger bond than those who don’t.

4. Laughter acts as an anti-depressant
When you laugh, there is a release of a neurotransmitter called serotonin. Serotonin tends to have the same impact as an antidepressant would. Although the studies may not be clear, it is found that even the small release of serotonin in spurts can have a powerful reaction.

5. Laughter protects your heart
Have you ever come across the phrase, ‘Hearty Laughter’? Well, studies show that laughter has an anti-inflammatory effect that protects the blood vessels around the heart. This protects the heart from cardiovascular diseases. It’s probably because laughing reduces stress levels, and we all know that stress levels cause heart disease. So, a good laugh is a perfect solution to a stressful day.


6. Laughter Burns Calories 

So, it’s no replacement for exercise, but it is found that if you laugh for 10-15 minutes per day you burn 40 calories. Which can help you lose a little excessive weight?

7. Laughter helps you live longer 

A study that was done in Norway, shows that those who have a good sense of humor tend to outlive those who don’t. So now, you don’t need excessive supplements to better your life, you just need to let out a big ole’ belly laugh!


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