Montessori education is growing day by day with various re-enovation and new technologies

Montessori education is growing day by day with various re-enovation and new technologies. So implementing knowledge to our upcoming generation in a technological developing world is very important as well as challenging one . Montessori education led learning and foster independence , creativity and critical thinking in young minds. Here comes the importance of a well trained and expertise facilitator who we can say the back bone on a Montessori school. Montessori teacher training course are specialised educational programs mainly designed to prepare or mold a good facilitator to work with children using the Montessori methods. This education system is enterily different it’s not about teaching the children according to the prescribed curriculum, it an hand on learning methods.Children of various age group are in this .So observing them , providing material, according to each one interest is a big task so a well trained teachers can do .So Montessori teacher training course is very important. Montessori training course typically cover a wide range of topics such as child development, Montessori philosophy, Classroom management,and lesson planning.Another important things is practical training also given through this course to make them familiarise with the Montessori methods and techniques for implementing knowledge in various subjects like maths, language, cultural studies etc. By completing this course the facilitator are also getting well change in their personalities , their thought process, creative ideas etc .This training course also provide a good career opportunity to them.They are also gaining knowledge in various areas of child development, social interaction, improving confidence, developing various skills etc. Montessori teacher training course thus play an very important role.


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