Early Childhood Care Education

Early Childhood Care & Education

Early childhood care and education emphasizes integrated services for holistic development of children. This lays a strong foundation for children with the comprehensive approach. It is very important for every child to attend the preschool between the age of 3 – 6 years. It is necessary for the readiness of formal education of a child. It has included the component ‘care’ in it which focuses on health and nutrition. It provides careful opportunities and experiences that lead to the child’s all-round development – physical, mental social, emotional and school readiness.  This education though it starts from 3-6 years formally in a school, actually begins from the prenatal stage and post-natal care. It includes formal as well as informal education which means in the school as well as outside.

The child develops desirable social attitudes and manners and healthy group participation, making the child sensitive to the rights and privileges of other. The child develops emotional maturity and is able to control is anger, fear, etc. Early childhood care and education is necessary for the child to encourage aesthetic appreciation, to trigger his conceptual thinking, understand the world he lives. It encourages child to develop confidence by opportunities for self-expressions. It develops child’s adequate physique through activities to develop and fine and gross motor skills.

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