Montessori education in the society and throws light into the importance of Montessori teacher training

“If we are among the men of good will who yearn for peace, we must lay the foundation for peace ourselves, by working for the social world of the child.” —Dr.Maria Montessori, International Montessori Congress.

The above quoting made by Dr.Maria Montessori is a true indication of her aim of establishing Montessori education in the society and throws light into the importance of Montessori teacher training. She believed  that peace and harmony can only by building up of a community with a child who is capable to think and act by himself rather than any outside interventions.Through Montessori education itself she is aiming to setup such a generation that has a sense of humanity and love. This can only be developed from early childhood itself. Because according to Montessori education the true development of a child begins from the birth to the age of 6 . According to Dr.Maria Montessori every child is born with a sense of love and humanity. If we’re able to help the child to think and act freely without any restrictions the so called love can be enhanced. For that the child should able to develop his cognitive skills.

The cognitive skills makes the child to think and act by themselves. It makes him to adaptive to every,it helps the child to face the world. Here comes the importance of Montessori teachers. Teachers are considered to be the role models of the society and through their care and support they make better human beings. Building up of a better society is the true responsibility of teacher. For that, the teacher must be aware of her duties and the aim. So we  can see that both Montessori and primary teachers may see through m to be same Butt the modus of operandi is differ for both. The importance of Montessori can be analyzed here, which has a two dimensional impact

  • The effect on child development
  • The effect on society.
  • The effect on child development

Childhood is the foundation in ones life that demand close attention and supervision. If it’s is not provide the child will fail to reach the optimum level of development. The motto of Montessori is to provide strongest support for the child to develop their potential. Montessori focusses on on hands on learning that covers a vast area of knowledge. Control of error, freedom within limits are it’s peculiar features that help the child to explore their ideas and talents, from mental restrictions. Childs mind is like a sponge, in the formal years he will be highly responsive towards his,if the child is able to receipt this new skills and knowledge’s with the help of attained individual, to t will create great benefits for him.

The effect on society.

Each and every society is build upon on individuals who are  ,humanitarian. The teacher will be most important one who will be sharing most of their time with kids .so, it is the teacher itself who can help the child to develop himself. Only the child is able to develop his fine motor skills and the ability to think act, perform will be achieved respectively. The basic ideology of Montessori is to help the child to reach his true potential. various apparatus, freedom of choice ,freedom within limits, hands on learning the child learns not only what he need a as a curriculum,but also what he needs. The trained Montessori teacher through proper observation goes through and helps.

The need of Montessori teacher training course has a huge  effect on the society to make children to reach their true potential a trained teacher with appropriate aim and vision. The teachers must be trained,disciplined,should be able to handle children with different potential. Since most of the activities on Montessori is relating to our day life and has greater outcome in development of new skills too. The environment in the schools are prepared one which is child friendly that helps them to think properly. Thereby we can create a world with humanity,harmony and peace. Thus the importance of Montessori teacher training is multifold like grooming up better individuals and better world.

Aswathy Mohanan

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