Carrying a Jug

Carrying a jug is a  Montessori practical life activity  in Montessori teachers  training curriculum. Prepare a jug crammed midway with water. Place it on a infant’s desk. Invite 3-four youngsters to return back take part on your lesson via way of means of telling them you’ve got got some thing to reveal them. Show every infant in which precisely to take a seat down and as soon as the youngsters are seated, you take a seat down so you can see them all, all of them can see you, and but you aren’t in the front of them. Call their interest to the jug of water at the desk and inform them that you’re going to reveal them a way to deliver a jug of water.



  1. Stand in order that the desk is a touch nearer than arms’ duration and in order that the jug is sitting in the front of you.
  2. Bend your knees.
  3. Wrap your 4 proper palms across the manage of the jug.
  4. Place your proper thumb at the pinnacle of the manage.
  5. Cup your left hand round the lowest a part of the jug beneathneath the spout of the jug.
  6. As you straighten your knees, slowly choose up the jug of water.
  7. Bring jug close to for your frame in order that it’s far approximately at belly level.
  8. Walk cautiously round a chosen area all of the whilst checking that the walkway is obvious of obstacles.
  9. Come again to the spot of the demonstration


Setting Down

  1. Bend you knees
  2. .Slowly decrease the jug closer to the tabletop.
  3. Place the factor of the lowest of the jug nearest your frame down first.
  4. Silently area the other facet of the jug down as well.
  5. Undo your draw close of your cupped left hand.
  6. Lift your proper thumb off the pinnacle of the handle.
  7. Remove your 4 proper hands from across the handle.
  8. Straighten your knees and produce your frame to erect position.

Offer every infant the possibility to select out up and deliver the jug. Once they’ve all had a flip excuse them one at a time, ensuring every infant has notion of what he would really like to de next.


Direct: Growth in independence in regards to the overall performance of the moves vital for the wearing and setting of the jug with out spilling any water and unfavorable himself, others, or the jug.

Indirect: Coordination of the child’s movement, improvement of the muscles, and concentration.

Points of Interests

Looking on the water degree as they’re strolling to peer how plenty the water is shifting across the jug.


2 1/2 – 3 1/2 years

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