Introduction of One’s self



Introduction of One’s self   is a  Montessori practical life activity  in Montessori teachers  training curriculum. Invite 3-four kids to return back take part on your lesson through telling them you’ve got got some thing to reveal them. Show every infant in which precisely to take a seat down. Once the kids are seated, you take a seat down so you can see them all, all of them can see you, and but you aren’t in the front of them.



  • Tell the kids that while you meet a person for the primary time, we introduce ourselves via way of means of announcing hey and telling the character our name.
  • Tell them that we’re all going to exercise introducing ourselves to every other.



  • Sit in your knees and amplify your proper hand to one of the kids. Look him directly in the eyes.
  • Say: “Hello, my name is Tania”.
  • Release your handgrip.
  • Extend your proper hand to the kid sitting to the left of the primary toddler and appearance him directly in the eyes.
  • Say, “Hello, my call is Tania.”
  • Release your handgrip.
  • Repeat this for every toddler transferring from one toddler to the subsequent till you’ve got got added your self to each toddler.
  • Tell the kids which you have now added your self to every of them.
  • Then have every toddler exercise introducing himself to the others one at a time.



Tell the kids that that is how we use introduce one’s self. Tell the kids that they are able to now introduce themselves once they meet a few for the primary time.

Excuse them one at a time, ensuring every baby has idea of what he would love to de next.


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