zip frame

Zip Frame

Invite a child to come by telling them you have something to show them. Have the child bring the appropriate dressing frame and have them place it on a specific spot on the table you will be working at. Have the child sit down first, and then you sit down to the child’s right. Tell the child that you will be showing him how unzip and zip. Give the names of each part.


(Place the frame so the zipper handle is on the top)

  1. Place your right thumb under the zipper handle and place your right index finger over to pinch fingers together.
  2. Pinch (material) the top part to the right of the zipper teeth with your left thumb and index finger.
  3. Slowly and in a continuous movement, pull the zipper handle down.
  4. Slow down when you get to the bottom to emphasis when the pin slides out.
  5. Make sure the pin comes out of the pin holder.
  6. Unpinch your left fingers and then your right.
  7. Open the right flap fully and then the left.
  8. Close the flaps starting with the left flap and then the right.


  1. Pinch the zipper handle with your right thumb and index finger.
  2. Make a point of showing that the handle needs to point down.
  3. Place your right index finger on the top part of the tab and your right thumb at the bottom of the tab.
  4. Press firmly together.
  5. Pinch the bottom part to the right of the zipper teeth with your left thumb and index finger.
  6. Slide the pin slowly into the tab.
  7. Make sure the tab slides fully in.
  8. Repinch the zipper handle with your right thumb and index.
  9. Pull the material taught with your left hand.
  10. Slide the handle up until your reach the top.
  11. Let go of the material with your left fingers.
  12. Lower the handle so it is lying downwards and remove fingers.

Once done, offer the child the opportunity to unzip and zip.


Direct: To help them learn how to zip themselves.

Indirect: Acquiring coordination of movement.

Points of Interests
Making sure the pin is fully in the tab before beginning to zip.

2 1/2 – 3 1/2years

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