Pin Punching Set

In  this  activity the  child punches tiny  holes  along  a  line on  a  piece of paper, the  shape  is  then  punched  out.
Pin punching is a good activity for children who need extra help developing their pincer grip. Children love to punch pin different shapes! Simply place a particular shape, such as a puzzle piece or geometric shape on top of a piece of paper and follow the outline while piercing small holes with our stylus. Depending on how close the holes are made, it creates a dotted line of the object or cuts the shape out. Place paper on top of our 1/4” thick felt pad to cushion perforations and to protect work surfaces.

Instead of a pin-punching stylus you could use:

a pushpin, a bent paperclip, a bamboo skewer cut short, a paper awl, a beading awl, a dowel rod sharpened with a pencil sharpener

Pads to go under the paper could be made from various materials:

thick felt, carpet pad remnant, corrugated cardboard, styrofoam, low pile carpet remnant, sheet of cork
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