Rhyme Cards

Geometry Cards is a Montessori language material in Montessori teachers  training curriculum. Rhyme playing cards are a great example of a extensive set of Montessori materials that use terms written on playing cards to find out the relationships amongst terms. Rhyme Cards are part   In the early stages, kids use rhyme playing cards to set up terms into rhyming groups. As their capabilities increase, they float immediately to arranging terms in new ways. Each set contains an appropriate amount of each piece needed, so that students can self-correct, if they, for example, recognize that one organization is simply too large.


Rhyming playing cards are a crucial tool for early learners, especially pre-school kids. Each card may have a few unique pictures, with or without the posted terms. It is vital to absolutely deliver an cause of what a rhyme is thru giving the child examples. Remember, some kids are brief to pick out up on rhymes while others won’t entice the similarities right away. Listening is key. Start thru giving them examples of terms that sound the same, like cat and hat, and terms that do not. Then, float immediately to using the rhyming playing cards through having the child say what every image is out loud, a good way to pay attention the similarities.



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