Sequencing Picture Cards

Sequencing Picture Cards is a Montessori language material in Montessori teachers  training curriculum, It can be used to goal a lot of skill areas in speech and language therapy, in addition to at home or in the classroom. Being able to study, recall, and series activities is an important lifestyles skill. In sequencing, we discover approximately patterns in relationships and we learn how to recognize the order of things. By learning to collection, we enlarge the capacity to recognize and installation functional styles of actions, behaviors, ideas, or thoughts.


As we examine, we are supplied with many ideas that incorporate sequencing. When we read, we apprehend letter sounds which is probably represented with the resource of the usage of the precis letter symbol, string them together to form words, and then increase comprehension. Without a strong foundation in letter sounds and sequencing, comprehension is out of place along the way. In math, we examine that numbers study particular patterns. We begin with linear counting, glide to geometric sequencing (skip counting), the squares and cubes of numbers, and later to greater complex patterns collectively with is observed withinside the Fibonacci series.


To lay a framework for expertise extra complex ideas, learning to series have to precede direct guidance in writing, reading, and mathematics. The Montessori surroundings has many opportunities for operating closer to sequencing, beginning with smooth conversations. For instance, the Montessori trainer also can moreover ask the children to name the steps in a every day interest: getting dressed, going outside, snack time. Through this easy speak children begin to see the smooth need for order of events. Puzzles and story playing cards are some other way to teach sequencing. Children revel in putting photograph gambling playing cards in order and then telling a story about what is happening. This sequencing interest additionally builds at the child’s powers of observation.

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