Vocabulary Cards

Vocabulary Cards is a Montessori language material in Montessori teachers  training curriculum, the purpose is to assist kids study the names of items and assist them learn another language. Montessori vocabulary playing cards, on occasion referred to as three-thing matching cards, are used at some point of the early ranges of “reading” with inside the Montessori classroom. After developing mastery with identifying letters and their sounds, students go with the drift at once to matching pictures with the terms that describe them. Three thing matching playing cards consist of an image card, an same word card, and a third card that suggests the proper word/image aggregate for the pupil to check against.


Vocabulary cards permit kids exercising the first step to language development… spoken language. When we artwork with more youthful kids, we teach ourselves to offer them the names of the whole lot in their environment (for example, table, tile floor, door mat, oriental rug). Then, we redecorate gently from the concrete to slightly more abstract, from three-dimensions to two-dimensions, thru manner of way of the usage of pictures of real objects: vocabulary playing cards. These are a amazing way for pre-readers to solidify the vocabulary they apprehend and to characteristic new terms to their growing internal dictionary. Research suggests that children’s vocabulary talents are related to their self-regulation talents. So, this apparently smooth artwork of training kids terms has significant implications for their established development.



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