Snake Game

Snake Game is a key Montessori Mathematics material in Montessori teachers training curriculum, which helps to add addends the use of the snake game and colored bead bars. This activity teaches the child a manner to make bonds of ten. He want to have worked with the Short bead stair in advance than this activity as he is advocated to assemble the Short bead stair on the begin of the exercise. The directress starts with the aid of using setting one piece of felt on the table-mat and the alternative piece on the pinnacle left of the mat. She asks the child to assemble the fast bead stair on the top left-hand side of the mat starting with one at the top, and nine at the lowest like in advance than. The directress builds any other quick bead stair next to the child’s one, however this one could be the other way up starting with nine at the top, and one at the lowest.\


The directress tells the child that they may be creating a beautifully coloured snake with the beads. The directress starts with the aid of using taking the quantity the nine bead from her quick bead stair and area it to an attitude on the left-hand facet at the piece of felt withinside the the front of the child, she then asks the child to take the primary bead from his stair and vicinity it next to the quantity nine bead on the felt. The directress and the child maintain withinside the same manner putting their respective beads next to every different on the felt to make bonds of ten each time, for example, 8 and 2, 7 and 3, 6 and 4, 5, and 5 and so on. She then tells the child that they may change the coloured snake proper right into a golden snake. The toddler is asked to begin counting from the begin of the snake until accomplishing ten, then he is advocated to area a marker as quickly as accomplishing ten. The directress suggests him the manner to alternate the colorful beads from 1 ten bead-bar. The little one maintains in the equal manner until he reaches the cease of the snake, replacing the colorful beads for a golden ten-bead bar every time.


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