Writing on Paper


– Writing paper: a few clean and a few guidelines to manual the location of letters (See sheets on the give up of the write-up).

  • One paper length affords for one line of writing, others have strains, 3 strains, 4 strains, or 5 strains.
  • A complete sheet with one dominated line at the lowest and every other with dominated strains at the lowest also are blanketed to be used with snap shots.

– Magazine snap shots of single items (hat, bed, lamp) in a container and of scenes of and people (farm party, parade) in every other container.

– Lead pencils – Items had to make booklet, including paper covers, scissors, hollow punch, colored yard, and crayons.

– Trays for assembling writing components and/or art components.


  • Invite one toddler to return back and paintings with you.
  • Introduce the kid to the paper supply.
  • Show the kid the paper with one line.
  • Take to a few portions of paper at the tray and a lead pencil.
  • Have the kid deliver the tray to the table.
  • Conversationally appearance and touch upon the reality that the paper looks as if the blackboard with lines.
  • Tell the kid that you may display him how we write on paper.
  • Write one letter. Have the kid have a take a observe the letter and ask if he is aware of the sound.
  • Then ask if the kid recalls the letters name.
  • Have the kid write the letter throughout the road.
  • See how the kid holds the pencil and accurate if needed.
  • If the kid desires any other letter, you write the primary one at the start of the road and feature the kid write that letter.
  • If the kid tires and doesn’t end the primary line, he can vicinity it in his garage vicinity and maintain at a unique time.
  • Child can paintings with writing for so long as he might like.
  • Once done, the kid can placed his writing in his garage vicinity.
  • Show the kid a way to placed the material away.
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