Unit Division Board


  •  The unit division board
  •  9 green skittles
  •  A box with 81 green beads
  • Printed division slips



  • Show the kid the cloth and feature him deliver it to the table.
  • Look on the board with the kid. Show him all of the locations for the beads.
  • Show him the numbers on the pinnacle of the forums and inform him that they’re the dividend.
  • Tell him the numbers at the aspect could be the solution.
  • Write 27 ¸ nine = on squared paper.
  • Begin with the aid of using telling the kid the 2 rules: the solution can not be large than nine and the the rest can not be identical to or large than the divisor.
  • Place 27 inexperienced beads into the glass bowl.
  • Ask the kid how regularly can we provide 27 out. (nine)
  • Place nine inexperienced skittles alongside the pinnacle of the board.
  • Give every skittle a bead till there are no  beads left.
  • Say, “27 ¸ nine is three”. Point to the three alongside the vertical aspect of the board.
  • Have the kid write withinside the solution to the equation.
  • Have him update the beads into the bowl.
  • Ask the kid what number of beads we’ve got withinside the bowl. (27)
  • Tell him as you write the subsequent a part of the equation on the second one line of paper, “27 ¸ 8 =” Have him do that equation as he had simply carried out the last.
  • Have him write the solution with the the rest. Read the complete equation with the kid.
  • Tell the kid that there may be some thing unique approximately the the rest: “We could have a the rest so long as it’s miles smaller than the dividend.
  • Repeat as above for 27 ¸ 6 =
  • After the kid has written the solution and the the rest take a look at to look if the the rest is smaller than the dividend.
  • Repeat on this manner for the whole sheet of paper.
  • When you attain 27 ¸ 2, your the rest might be larger than the dividend.
  • Point this out to the kid after which move out the whole equation because: “We can in no way have a the rest this is the identical or larger than the dividend.”


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