Mystery Bag

A bag as attractive as possible with approximately 10 objects that are very different from each other such as, a key, a cotton ball, a pine cone, a button, a small basket, etc.

Invite the child or children to come and work with you. Show the child/children the Mystery Bag and name it for him/them. Tell the child/children that we will be working with the Mystery Bag today. Bring the bag over to a table and have the child sit to your left, or if there is a group, have them sit around the table.

– Place the bag flat on the table with the opening near you.
– Put one of your hands into the bag.
– Choose one object to feel.
– Feel the object and tell the child/children what you feel, i.e. soft, fluffy, light, etc.
– Once you think you know what you are feeling, say the object’s name out loud: i.e. “I think this is a cotton ball.”
– Pull the object out of the bag and you can say, “Yes! It is a cotton ball.”
– Place the object to the side of the table.
– Allow the child sitting to your left to try.
– Remind the child to feel, and then to say the object’s name before taking it out of the bag.
– Once the child has had a turn, allow the next child to have a turn or if there is only one child, you can have another turn.
– If you are working with one child, you can take turns feeling and guessing the objects in the bag until all of the objects have been chosen.
– If you are working with a group, make sure each child has a turn until all of the objects have been chosen.

The names of the objects.


To refine the stereognostic sense and material visualization.
3 1/2 – 4 years

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