NCDC & ICET Rapid Spoken English Module Day 50: Valedictory Function

NCDC & ICET Rapid Spoken English Module Day 50: Valedictory Function

Activity 1: Anchors start the program in a different way (by using English).

Activity 2: Short Meditation (a student leading).

Activity 3: All the students & faculties ‘Signing In’ with different verbal nonverbal signs. (Use a variety of ideas for ‘Signing In’).

Activity 4: Organise a Valedictory Function with different entertainment programs and each student shares the overall experience regarding last 50 days practices and the improvement he / she achieved through those practices. Anchors coordinate the program.

Giving Home Assignment to students:

Simple English Conversations Voice Clips:

Most people cannot speak English because they do not have the opportunity to hear and speak simple English conversations. Our 22 voice clips lessons are the medicine for that.

You need to listen to it at least 2 times today. No special time should be set aside for this. It is enough to be heard while doing other work. Here is the lesson link:

End with the National Anthem and bye bye song.

Module Developed by: Baba Alexander

(Copyright reserved for Modules Day 1-50. Developed by: Baba Alexander, New Delhi, Master Trainer, National Child Development Council, New Delhi).

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