Large Hexagonal Box

The Large Hexagonal Box is a huge wood field in the form of a hexagon in the Sensorial region of a Montessori teachers training curriculum. This box carries red obtuse angle isosceles triangles, one yellow equilateral triangle, grey obtuse angle isosceles triangles, and 6 yellow obtuse perspective isosceles triangles.

The goal of this activity is to fit the black traces of every triangle to shape exclusive shapes. The directress indicates the kid a way to keep the field successfully with fingers and produce it to the ground mat. She starts via way of means of unpacking every triangle separately onto the ground mat. She indicates the kid a way to hint alongside the black traces of the equal color triangles after which slide them together. She starts via way of means of tracing alongside the traces of the 2 crimson triangles together along with her proper hand the usage of her center and index hands to make a rhombus. She then creates a parallelogram via way of means of matching up the 2 gray triangles.

The directress locations the equilateral triangle in the front of her and the kid and joins the 3 yellow triangles with the black traces contrary the obtuse-perspective. She locations those 3 triangles accordingly around the equilateral triangle which forms a hexagon. She moves on to reveal the kid how every triangle folds onto the equilateral triangle. She repeats with the ultimate triangles till they’re making an equilateral triangle. She unfolds the 3 triangles returned to shape the hexagon.

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